— I am officially CANCER-FREE!!

Although I still have several hemangiomas to watch, the surgery was a complete success!

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 #soooo excited!  #i can get out of bed on my own too!!  #the body is a miracle-machine!  #me
  1. ichigotea said: glad to hear that!! ^^
  2. choco-plum said: Yay! I’m glad the surgery was a success! :D I hope the hemangiomas?? don’t cause any problems :(
  3. epicwaters said: ;_____; YATTA!!!!! \8D/!!!!
  4. froggykiss said: Oh my god, I am so happy for you! I wish you best for your future!
  5. bloodymidnight said: Party all night!
  6. simply-m3 said: yay yay congrat’s julie so happy for you \(^o^)/