— a glimpse of medicine (extreme stereotypes)

- you are an old soul (at heart and/or in years)
- you didn’t want to work with adults because they are stupid and annoying
- you think kids are easier to deal with and like their innocence (but you come to learn that you deal more with their hysterical parents than you do with your actual patient)
- you generally like to take your time doing things.  you like to be thorough or at least do things neatly/cleanly.
- you are patient and most likely (will) have a family

family medicine:
- you’re interested in helping and taking care of people
- you’re not too into medicine, or you once were, but now you want a life and family and free time
- you wish people would control their blood sugars
- you’re more of a big picture than detail-oriented person
- you’re relatively easy to get along with and go at your own pace

- you find sneezes/nasal/oral secretions disgusting
- you can tolerate and even enjoy interacting with people (but only) in short bursts
- you also love surgery
- you didn’t buy the pregnancy wheel you use to estimate conception/delivery date (someone probably gave it to you or it’s on your phone)
- you always have to keep busy to be comfortable

- you have a social life that you love to gossip about
- you’re probably mildly schizotypal, histrionic, or borderline
- you most likely hated science-y stuff in undergrad, the pimping in internal medicine, or the hierarchical tension in surgery
- you’re in tune with your inner child (you probably like Harry Potter or Disneyland or video games or generally having fun)
- you’re outspoken and are always true to yourself

emergency medicine:
- you’re really hot (universal truth)
- after repeatedly witnessing the remarkable creativity of human stupidity, you have become incredibly cynical and your sense of humor is blacker than the River Styx
- you just want to treat the patient for their one chief complaint and hope to never see them again
- you’re laid back and want to get things done quickly so you can go work out
- you’re usually perceived as “chill” and medical students generally love working with you (but that’s mostly limited to when you’re rotating in other specialties, since down in the ED you hardly pay any attention to us)

internal medicine:
- you’re a fan of the technical and theoretical aspect of medicine
- you’re into long-term management and care
- you want to discover and resolve all or at least most of your patient’s concerns and often read up on current guidelines and journal articles regarding their numerous ailments
- you also couldn’t decide what you wanted to do and just knew you didn’t want to go into (“non-medical”) psych or (“low-paying”) family
- you think you have plans on specializing, but let’s see how quickly you burn out first

general surgery:
- you think you’re the cream of the crop and you probably are
- you can handle the medicine aspect, but you’re really here for the surgery: for cutting people open and looking at their insides because it is so. damn. cool.
- you don’t want to dilly-dally around discussing the patient’s numerous complaints.  you don’t want to prevent disease/maintain good health like in family medicine or manage a gadjillion disorders like in internal medicine and deal with all that paperwork.  you just want to cut out the source of the problem and get it over with.  done.  out.  no more suffering.  hooray!  next patient.
- you can handle the high stress of constant pimping by every level above you and the brutal questioning of your competence, because you’re proud and you know you’ll survive this hazing to eventually make it to the sweet life filled with respect, power, and money
- people think you’re arrogant.  you can deal with it.

specialty surgery:
- you’re awesome and are greatly revered
- you look at specialty surgery hopefuls with a kind of nostalgic pity and genuinely wish them good luck, often wanting to share your wealth of knowledge with the newer generations
- for the most part, you have become insanely efficient so that you can be done with work early only to be able to do a billion other medicine-related activities.  usually work at other hospitals, clinics, or involvement in teaching or research (or all of them because your hands are in multiple baskets, my friend)
- although you are constantly busy, you never forget to take time off to relax and have the most envious vacations ever
- also, you’re probably married to another surgeon or someone really hot and/or young and is also most likely another successful physician

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